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[Music] – EW welcome back to my channel if you old subscriber thank you so much for coming back if you’re a new subscriber welcome to my channel my name is Kylie I ran this channel I post videos related to fashion to vlogs and now my shelving journey if you haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe so it’s been a week since I posted content relating to my chef Ning journey or the sharing tips and si tips and I thought why not come back now and share more tips I’ve received loads and loads of emails of messages of whatsapp messages Instagram like all social media platforms asking for help asking me to look at your essays which I’m more than glad to however I think that it’s getting to a point where the esses may be overwhelming for me so I thought why not do a video where I addressed the most crucial things however that’s not to worry if everyone who’s already sent me the essay I’ll get back to you personally but everyone else going forward hopefully this will be good enough of a guide for you and without further ado let’s get straight into this video so I already done a video a whole series actually on my knee chug chugging journey and achieving journey tips but I thought I’d add on to the essays because I didn’t really get into the content it was a very general video a question last year on leadership and influence wars happening is looking for individuals who will be future leaders or influences in their home countries explain how you made this requirement using the example of your own leadership and influence skills to support your answer so what are they asking you for they asking you to give at least three samples at least three or both leadership and influence they’re not just asking about leadership they asked me about both leadership and influence so what are some examples of leadership skills one you’re a leader in your university in an NGO in a charity in your church in a professional community in a professional body that kind of thing what’s an example of influence you are using social media platforms political parties blogs or any other medium – lecturing and education to shape people’s views on politics and economic and social issues right so let me give you a star example that I used what was the situation at the time in my country women were getting sexually assaulted because of the way they were dressed what was my task raise awareness on sexual assault in the country and to provide a platform for women to be able to come out and share their stories my analysis I came upon the opportunity to give a TED talks I did my research and I gave my talk the result while more women were talking publicly and openly about the experiences of sexual assault there were campaigns such as me to campaign campaigns such as my dress my choice you see the sustar approach answer networking I see the question was happening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills who will engage with the chairman community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession explain how you meet this requirement using clear examples of your networking skills and not learn how you hope to use these skills in the future so what are some of the examples of things you can talk about you can talk about your networking skills in professional associations the personal contacts or even your social media so blogs Facebook Twitter you will need to provide evidence that you’re able to use your contacts to achieve a positive outcome or influence or need others so you see you’re showing networking skills but you show you how those the trucking skills have benefited other people other than just yourself you also need to show because remember they’ve talked about who will engage with the sharing community and influence and lead others in their chosen professional that’s sharing community how do you intend to network with a sharing community so by now you may know that there are many great sharing scholars I’ll give my country for example Canyon many cabinet secretaries who’s like the equivalent of ministers of people in high positions of power are sharing scholars so how are you going to take about advantage of this great network of wealth and knowledge to better use community that’s something that you need to not talk about I’ll give you an example that I used star approach remember always so at the time situation I was in university I was elected East African society president yes what was my task that to lead and to connect East African students and provide a better learning environment for students in my position I was able to then interact with other leaders in the university they had trusted me and they therefore would sent me to conferences like the National Union students of conference or call upon me to assist in planning events like the Kent African summit the Kent African summit is now a summit but runs annually that provides opportunity for people interested in the African continent to learn more about Africa that question is outlined why you have selected your chosen three university courses explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future thing I wouldn’t a few person’s asking me do I just have to talk about one university no no no no talk about all three if you’ve chosen three different universities explain why you’ve chosen all three different universities if you’ve chosen three different causes explain why you’ve chosen each of the three different causes so like you see in my previous video I was telling you maybe you’ve researched the lecturers in that University maybe you’ve reached at that University and you found that for the course you’ve chosen it’s the best to go to a university that’s not in London because you prefer small town where you want to go to London because it’s a big city talk about how your university ranks highly you know do your research I think I explained a lot of this on a previous video so I’ll link that below basically you need to show how you’re going to use this math masters to develop yourself personally and professionally how it’s going to benefit your community and why you’ve chosen that cost sharing is looking for individuals who have a clear post study area plan and outline you immediate plans upon returning home and your long-term career goals considering how they relate to the UK priorities in your country in answering the question on Korea called plans which I have to admit I think is the hardest bit in the most important bit of us is I had encouraged you to do this first of all split your goals into three short term goals medium term goals and long term goals you see that’s easier because first of all remember they’ll ask you what do you intend to do immediately upon returning back to your country as you already know shambling requires you to work in your country for two years upon returning home what do you intend to do with that time I personally I talked about how I wanted to drive the churning alumni network in Kenya again they would sit in my skills of networking because I know the sharing that community is great second of all I talked about how I was going to pursue my bad programming sound I’ve linked that to my career called my professional career because you know that as a lawyer you have to seek the pipes up to become an advocate dfid Kenya Department for International Development 2018 this is the latest you like legit so what are some of the things that the UK government is focusing on in Kenya there’s for my humanitarian climate and environment economic development governance and security now where does my career plan fall into this economic development which is the most actually 36 percent how did you go with that country profile and then tailor your argument back so like I’ve mentioned I want to pursue a master’s of law focusing on international commercial I recognized in my country the challenges and how I want to improve that Oh am I going to use that masters to benefit my society as a short small jet farmers how do I want to help them in the short term I can do things like write blog articles I can attend seminars and like the World Trade Organization I can attend become a member of organizations like capsule in the long term which works on private sector and small trade organized I hope you’ve enjoyed this more in-depth analysis of the shining essays and I wish you all the best and I can really say to everyone who’s already reached out to me don’t worry I’ll respond to you but going forward I don’t know I can I don’t think I can be able to actually go through what 50 or 60 it is so please bear with me I hope this information is helpful again if you have questions asked out below probably someone else who has the answer will respond unless Network and interact remember to subscribe and I’ll see you in my next video right

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